Missing Henri….

My house just is not the same without Henri.  I miss him more each day.  I decided in his honor to make a shadow box.  I think it looks good!  Henri would have approved!  A lot of the neighbors have been so kind and giving me cards.  I know everyone knew how much I loved him.

My husband and I have decided to adopt another Golden from the same rescue that we got Henri.  We are also getting a golden puppy.  While every dog is different and no other dog will ever be the same as Henri, we decided that we want to share our love with another dog…..and thinking even more, that we want two dogs so that they have each other as well.

It has really been hard not having Henri here but I do know that I was a lucky girl to have had him and to have had  4 months together after his diagnosis.  During the last 4 months, we were able to share some very special times together that I will always cherish. Henri will always be mommys little boy!   

Our new puppy which will be named Ellie Grace will come home the first week of August.  We are still looking for a male golden to rescue and bring home to share a new life together.

Hugs to everyone for all of the kind words during Henri’s battle with cancer.  It meant so much to me to have such wonderful people to help keep me grounded during such a difficult time.


I enjoyed the day~

Mom took these pictures of me today….she kept telling me how handsome I was and I was just enjoying the weather.  I have not felt very well lately but today was a good day!  And mom and I celebrate good days! Last week I scared her and she thought I was going to cross the bridge but I told her I was not ready….but I did make a promise to her….I told her that I promise to tell her when I am ready for rest.  For now, we are living in the moment and celebrating the gift of each day.  I love my mom so much and she loves me too…I am so happy we found each other! : )  For anyone who might be reading this that is about to embark on a difficult journey …..I say….listen to the song….”Have a Little Faith In Me”……My mommy did, and we have enjoyed every precious moment together.  We would not change a thing!

Mommy and I had a nice getaway weekend!

Mommy and I took a special trip back in April to a Bed & Breakfast in Lexington VA.  It was really pretty there and it was just so peaceful.  It was perfect weather and it was nice that mom took me on a getaway!  The Innkeepers even gave me treats and let me sit on the deck while mom had breakfast.  I love to ride in the car because I know I get to be with mom! : )

Pass OUT! Henri rides in his new stroller! : )

I really expected Henri to turn his head at the stroller…thought his pride would get in the way.  But I made a really big deal out of his stroller and made him think it was really special! : )  I put treats in there,….and asked if he wanted to “GO FOR A RIDE”….he of course knows that phrase as …. going for a ride with mommy. 

We actually did two laps around the block and he seemed to love it!  It was such a nice night and the wind was blowing…perfect!  I know Henri misses his long walks but this way, he gets to still “GO” but now in “Style”!  : )

This picture is of Henri the night that the stroller arrived…..we took a test drive inside the house LOL!  I am convinced Henri things I am full blown crazy! HA!  But hey, it works! 

We are trying to treasure each day, because it is a gift!  We have a very exciting trip coming up next weekend….Henri will be so happy and will know that we are going for him! : ) 


Blissful Moments!

Today, I had one of those “Blissful Moments” with Henri.  I swear I think he gave me 1000 kisses!  : )  He is such a sweet boy! 
I will post again tomorrow after our Oncologist appointment….Praying things go well.  I am worried about his hind legs…..

Until tomorrow…..

Henri shares his kisses!!!!!

PS  Trying to post photos but I keep getting an HTTP error  ….. AURGHHH!

Henri gets a “MUCH NEEDED” bath!

Henri went to a doggie bath house today for a bath…he seriously has not had one since his surgery. I was calling him my little “stinkoid”…lol! Needless to say, he was overdue! Something that really shocked me today was the attitude of a particular man at the bath house…he had two Goldens there and I guess I always thought all Golden pet owners were friendly. WOW….I was wrong! I tried to make small talk with him and asked him if he had always had Goldens….he said he has 5. He was so uninterested in speaking with me and he would not even look at Henri…what a BUTTHOLE! I could not believe this guy…so arrogant! I found out later by the store owner, that this guy’s Goldens were therapy dogs. WELL…PARDON ME! No excuse to be rude! Geeeeesh! But I have to remember not everyone is nice! I forget that sometimes…seriously!!! HA

Henri was such a good boy….he is smelling so good now and looks so handsome! ; ) He is so brave…he stood up during the entire bath and he tolerated the dryer all the way until the end and he told me how he felt by barking and barking and barking. LOL He is glad to be home now and is snoooooooozing away….and snoring! LOL We have our next Oncologist appointment on Tuesday and will posibly be starting metronomic therapy! Will post again soon! HUGS AND LICKS from Henri!! XOXO

Henri’s One Month Ampuversary~

Well, we are already here!  It has been one month since Henri had  his amputation surgery.   The weeks have gone by both slow and fast! 

I am so proud of him and he is just so spirited!  Henri has a little secret to tell….he has been milking this recovery time a ton! ; )  He likes to get extra belly rubs and he says “mom just brings me water all the time…I do not even have to get up…she hides treats around places she knows I like to lay…and all the neighbors have been giving me extra attention!”  Yep, he is working the system and flirting with all the ladies!

Today, Henri actually showed lots of spunk when he tried to show another Golden Retriever in our neighborhood that he is still KING…lol….I was so shocked.  He was defending his territory…The Golden went pee pee on a spot in the front yard that Henri feels is his and Henri tried to bite him…WOW!  I could not believe it!  Henri trying to show his alpha male side …sigh!  Luckily, both dogs were on leashes….and no one was hurt.  Henri still thinks he is a tough guy with three legs so I am going to let him feel macho! ; )  Don’t want to hurt the male ego!!! HA!

I am hoping he is feeling much better from his chemo treatment…he appears to be!  We go to our next chemo appointment a week from Tuesday.  In the meantime, we will keep keeping on and treasure each day!

Henri says “WUFF WUFF“…..


Wendy & Henri

One Paw Forward….Two Paws Back…

Sometimes, we can get a little ahead of ourselves in the healing/recovery process! I thought Henri was doing pretty good after his first chemo treatment. The Oncologist called yesterday (Friday) to check on Henri and at that point…he seemed to be doing great. Things can change quickly. Well, I wanted to celebrate last night because Henri came upstairs to sleep. I was so so excited…even though he has not been down the stairs (we have had to carry him)…I did not focus on that…was just thrilled that he had the desire to come upstairs and get back into his routine. Well…I woke up around 2:00 am to check on him and he was sleeping so things were pretty quiet until 4:00 am….I woke to the sound of the infamous Golden Retriever Tail Wag….it is pretty powerful. So, I just figured he wanted to go potty. I put his vest on and I could tell he was going to resist my assistance. Henri likes to be independent…but I could tell he wanted to try…he finally figured he was not going to win the battle so we agreed to walk down the stairs side by side and I kept my had right by his vest handle just in case he needed me. Amazing how alert you can be at 4 am….To my surprise, Henri did amazingly well and it was his first time going down the stairs. : ) I was one proud momma! So he went potty and I tried to get him settled downstairs…I gave him a nice belly rub and then told him I was going to go sleep sleep …night night…(that is what we call bedtime) and off I went to sleep…I think I slept maybe about 2 hours…
When I came downstairs this morning, I saw Henri at the bottom of the stairs snoozing away. I thougt he was doing good until I walked in the family room and saw the nice pile of puke. I felt so bad for him and knew he was not feeling well, especially because he was not interested in his breakfast. I gave him a nausea pill and put some chicken broth in his food ….this enticed him some. He was pretty tired today and just slept mostly. Not that I want to be negative….but not a good sign from only the first chemo treatment. The next thing to be concerned about is that I found a HUGE lick granuloma on Henri’s elbow….HUGE! Not sure how I did not see this previously…so the hubby and I rushed to Walgreens to buy a wrap for his elbow. Poor Henri!!! : ( Today has been a “ruff” day but hoping tomorrow is a better day!

Just praying we all get some sleep tonight!

Has it already been 3 Weeks? Wow!

It is so hard to believe that 3 weeks has already gone by ( and very quickly ) since Henri had his amputation surgery.  I can not tell a lie, I am beyond EXHAUSTED!  We have been so very fortunate that Henri has done so well with his recovery and he continues to amaze me every day!  What a strong boy he is!  Henri did not get sick one bit from the surgery and I only kept him on Tramadol for about 5 days after.  It is exciting that he is no longer on the pain meds…they made him so tired and a little silly anyway! : )   He never had accidents in the house but the first week did take lots of encouraging to get him to go potty outside…otherwise, he would just hold it.  I think it was just too much work during that first week and he was so sleepy!  After sleeping in our living room for 19 nights, I finally decided it was time to move back upstairs. I have not slept through the night since he had surgery.  Even though Henri is better, I always find myself waking up to check on him and see if he needs anything. I have to say that my surgeon rocked!  She did a fantastic job on Henri and luckily, he had internal stitches ( WHICH IS THE WAY TO GO IF POSSIBLE )…. his wound healed so quickly!  It was nice not having to worry about him picking/scratching at the stitches/staples and he never once had bleeding, bruising, oozing or anything of the sort!  Just a clean wound that continues to look better every day!  He did wear a T-shirt in the beginning just so I could protect Henri from scratching the wound with his foot…he loves to scratch!  SIGH

We started chemo this past Tuesday ( March 9th ) and so far, things are going well! Keeping our fingers and paws crossed!

There is nothing I would do to change the decisions I have made for Henri.  I realize that I have so much fight in myself for him because I lost my own mother so suddenly to cancer back in October of 2007.  She never had a chance to fight because she passed so quickly after diagnosis.  I realized that I want this for Henri, the chance to fight and have more great times/quality times.  We do not know what tomorrow brings because we are not promised tomorrow…but Henri and I will continue fighting and continue enjoying our love for each other every moment we can!  In the end, I will always be confident that I gave him life, courage, and the WILL to continue on as long as our journey can continue.  Henri knows I love him, and that makes me feel so good!!! : )