7 thoughts on “Another great day for a stroll!”

  1. OMG! I loved your video of Henri in the stroller! How cool! I would have definitely taken Jake for walks if we had one of those! Henri looks so much like Jake in your video… except Jake was a darker gold… otherwise, they could be brothers!!
    I really hope that Henri does well for a long, long time!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

    I do the baby talk to all my doggies too… unless I’m mad at them, ha! ha! 🙂

  2. He DOES look handsome in his stroller.

    Too cute. He likes like he’s doing so well!

  3. Henri does look so handsome in his stroller! Another golden, Rosie, also has a stroller just like Henri’s. He looks like he’s enjoying the ride and feeling good. Looking forward to more videos of Henri :).
    Kami (Mackenzie’s Mom)

    P.S. Like Angel Jake, Mackenzie looks like Henri too – same face. I can’t get over how much all of our Goldens look alike :).

  4. Oh look, we all look alike! Me included! It’s a golden love fest over here! (I am not an afghan hound, I don’t even know how to spell it!)


  5. How cool, Henri looks so happy in his stroller. He really looks like he is doing great and you sound so happy. Fantastic!!! Thanks so much for taking the video it really made me smile.

    Fortis and Brett

  6. Last but not least it’s Rosie’s mom signing in. I’m glad you got a stroller too, so we’re not the only ones riding down the street in a stroller. You look great in your ride. We love riding. Rosie even walks up to the stroller like she’s asking to go for a walk. Or you say let’s go for a walk and she goes up to the stroller. So she knows that’s her way of getting out and about even tho she can’t walk too far. I’m glad Henri likes it now. Rosie does too. They are too cute in their strollers. It would really turn some heads if they both came strollin down the street together in their RIDE!

    Glad Henri is having fun. Have fun on your trip in May we’re going for a trip too that same weekend!

    Take Care,
    Rosie’s Mom

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