I enjoyed the day~

Mom took these pictures of me today….she kept telling me how handsome I was and I was just enjoying the weather.  I have not felt very well lately but today was a good day!  And mom and I celebrate good days! Last week I scared her and she thought I was going to cross the bridge but I told her I was not ready….but I did make a promise to her….I told her that I promise to tell her when I am ready for rest.  For now, we are living in the moment and celebrating the gift of each day.  I love my mom so much and she loves me too…I am so happy we found each other! : )  For anyone who might be reading this that is about to embark on a difficult journey …..I say….listen to the song….”Have a Little Faith In Me”……My mommy did, and we have enjoyed every precious moment together.  We would not change a thing!

6 thoughts on “I enjoyed the day~”

  1. Aw, Henri. There’s not much to say but you’re a darlin’.

    Enjoy your moments. That’s where the magic is anyways.

    Carmen, Catie and Riley

  2. There’s just something about a Golden Feller in a red harness!!!

    Very handsome!

    Shelby, the P.P.

  3. Oh, Henri – we’re so glad you are feeling better! And so glad that your mommy listened to you last week. Enjoy every moment – and give your mom lots of kisses!
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  4. It’s so good to see you basking in the sunlight, Henri. Enjoy your good days.

    Lots of Golden hugs coming at you and your mom!

    Sophie and Tana

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