Pass OUT! Henri rides in his new stroller! : )

I really expected Henri to turn his head at the stroller…thought his pride would get in the way.  But I made a really big deal out of his stroller and made him think it was really special! : )  I put treats in there,….and asked if he wanted to “GO FOR A RIDE”….he of course knows that phrase as …. going for a ride with mommy. 

We actually did two laps around the block and he seemed to love it!  It was such a nice night and the wind was blowing…perfect!  I know Henri misses his long walks but this way, he gets to still “GO” but now in “Style”!  : )

This picture is of Henri the night that the stroller arrived…..we took a test drive inside the house LOL!  I am convinced Henri things I am full blown crazy! HA!  But hey, it works! 

We are trying to treasure each day, because it is a gift!  We have a very exciting trip coming up next weekend….Henri will be so happy and will know that we are going for him! : ) 


3 thoughts on “Pass OUT! Henri rides in his new stroller! : )”

  1. Who cares how the walk comes as long as you get to go! Your stroller is totally cool! Your Mom should take it on all your walks and when you don’t feel like walking you can climb into the stroller and nap!

    Cute upside down picture!

    Keep enjoying each day! Get spoiled Henri!

    Dillon and Rhys

  2. Wow we are twins Henri. You and me can ride in style in our strollers and get to go on our walk anyway. You look cool in your new stroller. Maybe we shouldn’t call it a stroller – you look cool in your new “Ride”! My “Ride” is blue too. Just think whta people would think if they saw both of us coming around the block or street in our “wheels”!

    I’m glad I still get to go on walks, even thou I have to ride most of the way. Enjoy it while we can. And enjoy your trip away from home.


  3. Way to go Hot Rod Henri!

    Don’t feel bad, I think my mom is a little nuts, too! But it’s fun to watch her in all her glory when she gets, what she thinks is a bright idea! There was that time she wrapped me in Press ‘n Seal after a surgery so I wouldn’t get wet! It worked but it was pretty weird!

    Keep up the work! You are looking mighty happy!


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