One Paw Forward….Two Paws Back…

Sometimes, we can get a little ahead of ourselves in the healing/recovery process! I thought Henri was doing pretty good after his first chemo treatment. The Oncologist called yesterday (Friday) to check on Henri and at that point…he seemed to be doing great. Things can change quickly. Well, I wanted to celebrate last night because Henri came upstairs to sleep. I was so so excited…even though he has not been down the stairs (we have had to carry him)…I did not focus on that…was just thrilled that he had the desire to come upstairs and get back into his routine. Well…I woke up around 2:00 am to check on him and he was sleeping so things were pretty quiet until 4:00 am….I woke to the sound of the infamous Golden Retriever Tail Wag….it is pretty powerful. So, I just figured he wanted to go potty. I put his vest on and I could tell he was going to resist my assistance. Henri likes to be independent…but I could tell he wanted to try…he finally figured he was not going to win the battle so we agreed to walk down the stairs side by side and I kept my had right by his vest handle just in case he needed me. Amazing how alert you can be at 4 am….To my surprise, Henri did amazingly well and it was his first time going down the stairs. : ) I was one proud momma! So he went potty and I tried to get him settled downstairs…I gave him a nice belly rub and then told him I was going to go sleep sleep …night night…(that is what we call bedtime) and off I went to sleep…I think I slept maybe about 2 hours…
When I came downstairs this morning, I saw Henri at the bottom of the stairs snoozing away. I thougt he was doing good until I walked in the family room and saw the nice pile of puke. I felt so bad for him and knew he was not feeling well, especially because he was not interested in his breakfast. I gave him a nausea pill and put some chicken broth in his food ….this enticed him some. He was pretty tired today and just slept mostly. Not that I want to be negative….but not a good sign from only the first chemo treatment. The next thing to be concerned about is that I found a HUGE lick granuloma on Henri’s elbow….HUGE! Not sure how I did not see this previously…so the hubby and I rushed to Walgreens to buy a wrap for his elbow. Poor Henri!!! : ( Today has been a “ruff” day but hoping tomorrow is a better day!

Just praying we all get some sleep tonight!

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  1. YAY Henri for being so clever with the stairs! Isn’t it great when they start getting back into their regular routine? I wouldn’t be too concerned or negative about the chemo reaction. The first dose is the worst and I think it’s quite normal for dogs to feel a bit pukey and definitely sleepy. It shouldn’t last more than a couple of days or I’d give the vet a call for some advice. Did they give you anti-nausea meds?
    Here’s hoping he’s back on the “two paws forward” route again soon. Tai still thinks he’s handsome even if he isn’t feeling 100%.

  2. Oh Henri! Have you been taking lessons from Jack? He’s been a puker from the day we got him. He actually threw up less when he was on chemo, how funny is that? You’ll figure out how to lay down without hurting your elbow…you’re just learning! You are a VERY handsome boy 🙂

    <3 Laura and Jackers

  3. What a handsome fellow ! We can totally relate to the whole stairs thing – Sophie had to conquer the stairs at our house too. She has forgotten a couple of times that she is missing a front leg – and ended up sliding down a few steps before I can catch her! – in her enthusiasm to join me – wherever I may be going.

    I was prepared to bunk with her in the living room – but would have had to build a “golden-proof” fort to keep her from going upstairs to my bedroom – and my son’s room – so we just had to do the stairs.

    Best of luck with the chemo, Henri !
    We’re going for a consultation to consider chemotherapy on Thursday.

    Tana and Sophie

  4. Tai is right. From what I understand from other guardians on this site and our own vet, all dogs react differently from the chemo treatment. In fact, our oncologist told us it was likely that if Catie was going to have any adverse reactions they would happen after the first couple of treatments. Catie showed none after the first other than some lethargy and soft stools; the second, and a different medication, took a little more out of her. She lost her appetite (and it’s a Golden rule that you eat everything put in front of you and wait for more so we knew she wasn’t feeling well) and seemed out of sorts.

    Well done on him getting up the stairs! It seems easier for them to go UP rather than down. There’s a set of stairs in our home that go to the family room (we have a split level) and the grade and Catie simply won’t join us down there. The stairs are just a wee bit steeper than the steps going to the upper bedroom level.

    Henri will feel better soon. Take a cue from him in the meantime and take some naps during the day as well if you can. Doggie naps are the best! Wishing you better days ahead.

  5. Hang in there Henri and Co. I think you are doing exceptionally well and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of as much daytime napping as needed. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way!!

    Luvs, Rosie

  6. Henri, welcome to the Stair Climbing Club!

    I’m sorry you are a bit sick but let’s hope that doesn’t last long. Keep it up, we are all rooting for you!

  7. Sounds like, despite the chemo reaction, Henri is doing very well. Congratulations on the stairs. I remember that was a huge milestone for us when Mackenzie climbed the stairs for the first time. It took her a little bit longer to go down and for the first couple of months, I would always be right by her side. Now she goes down them like a speeding bullit. So I am sure Henri will make the same great progress. Just know that the first chemo treatment seems to be the roughest….I figured that a lot of it had to do with the fact that they just had this major surgery and they’re still healing, recovering and not very strong yet. I’m sure Henri will be doing just fine in a few days…it takes Mackenzie about 4- 5 days now to recover from the chemo and then she’s stronger than ever. Good luck and give Henri a big golden hug for us!

  8. Hi Henri! Sorry to hear that the chemo is upsetting your tummy! I hope you get to feeling better real soon. Keep us informed as to how your doing!

  9. Hi Henri!

    Sorry for the rough round of chemo. That stuff is so nasty! We were always worried Peyton was going to get sick after it, but seemed to handle it well!

    Pawesome you made it up the stairs and back down! You are a brave boy and Mom!

    Hope things are better today, no more sickness and sleep for the whole family!

    Spoil Henri rotten and enjoy him each and every minute you can!

    Dillon and Rhys

  10. Henri:
    Rosie sends a lick kiss!. She and you are sick together. It’s so hard to see them sick. Hopefully Henri will perk up in the next couple days. Give him lots of fluids. I sent you an email, but Rosie got up in the night her first time at hospital. We haven’t seen her yet. They say Friday! Seems like forever. We hope Henri will get thru his Chemo. I know you are worried. Ask the Dr’s about Fluids to help hydrate him. I know when I had that Chemo Drug Fluids the next day after Chemo was sometimes necessary if I felt real sick. I had to go and get Fluids thru an IV. It really helped after Doxoribican. It is a harsh Chemo drug harder on the body than Carboplatin.
    Best Wishes at the Dr today.
    Sandy and Rosie

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