Mommy and I had a nice getaway weekend!

Mommy and I took a special trip back in April to a Bed & Breakfast in Lexington VA.  It was really pretty there and it was just so peaceful.  It was perfect weather and it was nice that mom took me on a getaway!  The Innkeepers even gave me treats and let me sit on the deck while mom had breakfast.  I love to ride in the car because I know I get to be with mom! : )

6 thoughts on “Mommy and I had a nice getaway weekend!”

  1. A getaway weekend! What a (beautiful) lucky boy you are Henri.

  2. henri, sounds like a great getaway. lexington is one of our favorite towns to visit… lucky you, lucky mommy!!


  3. What a handsome boy you are Henri. Sounds like a pawesome trip you went on with your mom and such a beautiful area. Mackenzie loves the car too – anything to go for a ride she’s there. But of course, you’re both Goldens. What could be better than a car ride with mom???

  4. Wow, Henri. You are so lucky to go to a nice Bed and Breakfast with your Mom. My pawrents really like to visit Virginia, and they say it is very pretty, even though I haven’t been there myself. I also like to go for rides in the car. it’s just pawesome, isn’t it? Keep us updated on your adventures.


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