Has it already been 3 Weeks? Wow!

It is so hard to believe that 3 weeks has already gone by ( and very quickly ) since Henri had his amputation surgery.  I can not tell a lie, I am beyond EXHAUSTED!  We have been so very fortunate that Henri has done so well with his recovery and he continues to amaze me every day!  What a strong boy he is!  Henri did not get sick one bit from the surgery and I only kept him on Tramadol for about 5 days after.  It is exciting that he is no longer on the pain meds…they made him so tired and a little silly anyway! : )   He never had accidents in the house but the first week did take lots of encouraging to get him to go potty outside…otherwise, he would just hold it.  I think it was just too much work during that first week and he was so sleepy!  After sleeping in our living room for 19 nights, I finally decided it was time to move back upstairs. I have not slept through the night since he had surgery.  Even though Henri is better, I always find myself waking up to check on him and see if he needs anything. I have to say that my surgeon rocked!  She did a fantastic job on Henri and luckily, he had internal stitches ( WHICH IS THE WAY TO GO IF POSSIBLE )…. his wound healed so quickly!  It was nice not having to worry about him picking/scratching at the stitches/staples and he never once had bleeding, bruising, oozing or anything of the sort!  Just a clean wound that continues to look better every day!  He did wear a T-shirt in the beginning just so I could protect Henri from scratching the wound with his foot…he loves to scratch!  SIGH

We started chemo this past Tuesday ( March 9th ) and so far, things are going well! Keeping our fingers and paws crossed!

There is nothing I would do to change the decisions I have made for Henri.  I realize that I have so much fight in myself for him because I lost my own mother so suddenly to cancer back in October of 2007.  She never had a chance to fight because she passed so quickly after diagnosis.  I realized that I want this for Henri, the chance to fight and have more great times/quality times.  We do not know what tomorrow brings because we are not promised tomorrow…but Henri and I will continue fighting and continue enjoying our love for each other every moment we can!  In the end, I will always be confident that I gave him life, courage, and the WILL to continue on as long as our journey can continue.  Henri knows I love him, and that makes me feel so good!!! : )

9 thoughts on “Has it already been 3 Weeks? Wow!”

  1. The time does go by so quickly doesn’t it!

    Happy that Henri continues to do well. See that you get some rest yourself!

  2. Way to go Henri! Glad to read your doing so well. Is that an air mattress I see you sleeping on? I have been spending my days and nights on an air mattress with my folks for the last 2 weeks too! Nice to get them down to my level.

    Keep on feeling better and better!

    Ginger. Tripawd club member since Feb. 23rd.

  3. Yay, Henri! We’re so happy that you’re doing so well! Tell your mom to get some good sleep now… you’re doing pawsome! Best wishes for good success with chemo, too!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  4. Glad the surgery is behind him and the chemo is underway.

    He looks amazing…..but I am worried about Henri’s Mommy…..he needs her to get sleep and take good care too.

    Ginny & Angel Paris

  5. Yay Henri! You look great! Interesting about your stitches being inside? Never heard of that.
    I know it’s tough to sleep, Mom, but get some sleep! 😉

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  6. So great to hear that Henri is doing so well!! Fantawstic! The worst is over now. Now you can breathe a big sigh of relief and catch up on all of that sleep you didn’t get (boy does that bring back a lot of memories 🙂 ) It can only go up from here and that’s the best part! Good luck with the chemo treatments and we hope Henri continues to do well. Kami (Mackenzie’s Mom)

  7. Wendy,

    I’m so glad that Henri is doing so well after his surgery!!! I know that you were so worried about making the decision to amputate at first… but look how well he’s doing now!

    I hope and pray that he can have a great and happy life for many, many more more months, maybe even years! Who knows?! None of us do! So just enjoy and love him every single minute you have with him!

    Maybe now you can start catching up on your sleep a little… 🙂

    My husband just walked in the room while I was writing this, and I showed him Henri’s picture… Henri looks so much like Jake… my hubby just lost it and had to leave the room. Sorry, even though it’s been a little over 4 months since we lost Jake… it still seems like just yesterday that he was still here with us. I still can’t believe it!

    Good luck with the chemo treatments… and keep posting updates and pictures on your sweet golden boy!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  8. Great to hear Henri!! Sounds like you are doing amazingly well! Don’t forget to milk it for all it’s worth! Sounds like you got a great moms who is taking excellent care of you! Good luck with chemo and hang in there, big guy!!

    luvs, Rosie

  9. Dear Wendy & Henri!
    I have been worried about you. I’m so glad to hear what happened. Henri looks good!. . I’m so glad he is doing well and healing up so nice. His wound looks very clean.

    So he’s recovering from 1st Chemo this week. He will perk up this weekend if he just had Chemo Tuesday. Rosie would take about 4 to 5 days to get her energy back. I’m so happy for you that you got thru the rough part. 3 weeks!! WOW! I hope I’ll make it there. We’re getting ready and packed to go Monday. We spend overnight and Tuesday will be Rosie’s Amputation if we go thru with it. I’m still afraid but I’m feeling confident too. It will be a relief to get rid of Rosie’s pain. Your braveness has encouraged me so much and I hope I can be as brave as you. I would do anythinig for my little girl too. Take care and get some rest.
    Best Wishes,
    Sandy and Rosie

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