Henri gets a “MUCH NEEDED” bath!

Henri went to a doggie bath house today for a bath…he seriously has not had one since his surgery. I was calling him my little “stinkoid”…lol! Needless to say, he was overdue! Something that really shocked me today was the attitude of a particular man at the bath house…he had two Goldens there and I guess I always thought all Golden pet owners were friendly. WOW….I was wrong! I tried to make small talk with him and asked him if he had always had Goldens….he said he has 5. He was so uninterested in speaking with me and he would not even look at Henri…what a BUTTHOLE! I could not believe this guy…so arrogant! I found out later by the store owner, that this guy’s Goldens were therapy dogs. WELL…PARDON ME! No excuse to be rude! Geeeeesh! But I have to remember not everyone is nice! I forget that sometimes…seriously!!! HA

Henri was such a good boy….he is smelling so good now and looks so handsome! ; ) He is so brave…he stood up during the entire bath and he tolerated the dryer all the way until the end and he told me how he felt by barking and barking and barking. LOL He is glad to be home now and is snoooooooozing away….and snoring! LOL We have our next Oncologist appointment on Tuesday and will posibly be starting metronomic therapy! Will post again soon! HUGS AND LICKS from Henri!! XOXO

3 thoughts on “Henri gets a “MUCH NEEDED” bath!”

  1. What a butthole is right! That guy doesn’t deserve to have goldens!

    Henri I can smell you from here and you smell great!

    Dillon and Rhys

  2. Some people don’t understand how to follow the example of their dogs. If he would look at his dogs they would teach him how to be a nice person. They can teach us so much.

    Just don’t go back there.

    Rosie’s Mom & Rosie
    Hugs from Rosie

  3. You should go roll in something stinky. Don’t you just hate that when you get to smelling just right, they make you take a bath? People are crazy and mean people suck. (I mean the man, not your mom.)

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