Henri’s One Month Ampuversary~

Well, we are already here!  It has been one month since Henri had  his amputation surgery.   The weeks have gone by both slow and fast! 

I am so proud of him and he is just so spirited!  Henri has a little secret to tell….he has been milking this recovery time a ton! ; )  He likes to get extra belly rubs and he says “mom just brings me water all the time…I do not even have to get up…she hides treats around places she knows I like to lay…and all the neighbors have been giving me extra attention!”  Yep, he is working the system and flirting with all the ladies!

Today, Henri actually showed lots of spunk when he tried to show another Golden Retriever in our neighborhood that he is still KING…lol….I was so shocked.  He was defending his territory…The Golden went pee pee on a spot in the front yard that Henri feels is his and Henri tried to bite him…WOW!  I could not believe it!  Henri trying to show his alpha male side …sigh!  Luckily, both dogs were on leashes….and no one was hurt.  Henri still thinks he is a tough guy with three legs so I am going to let him feel macho! ; )  Don’t want to hurt the male ego!!! HA!

I am hoping he is feeling much better from his chemo treatment…he appears to be!  We go to our next chemo appointment a week from Tuesday.  In the meantime, we will keep keeping on and treasure each day!

Henri says “WUFF WUFF“…..


Wendy & Henri

6 thoughts on “Henri’s One Month Ampuversary~”

  1. Attaboy, Henri – way to milk the system.

    Happy to hear he’s doing so well!

  2. Wendy & Henri!
    Henri I think you are Rosie’s brother. You look so much like Rosie except you have a black nose and Rosie has a pink nose. I’m glad you may be feeling a little bit better today.!!! It’s nice to hear you’re feeling like your dog self again. It’s no fun after chemo I know!
    You and your mom deserve a break. Do something fun this weekend, me and Rosie are going to try and enjoy some quiet time this weekend too. We are going to start our road to recovery at home away from everything and everyone, just quiet time to try and get used to 3 legs.
    They tell me she is doing good. We pick her up tomorrow at 12 noon!! So off we go in the morning to get her. I’m worried I will be sad when I see her I want to be happy. I can’t wait to be with my girl again. I will look at her face and not the cut.
    Hope you have a good Friday. This week will be over soon a week we have dreaded for so long! I can’t believe it’s our first week and your 4th week.! We’re getting there
    kisses from Rosie
    and hugs from Rosiesmom – Sandy

  3. Good Work, Henri!! Milk those noms and belly rubs for all they are worth!! We knows you are still the king of your castle and always will be. Sending warm fuzzes your way!!

    Luvs, Rosie

  4. Henri,
    You’re my kinda guy – snappin’ at neighbor dogs! I don’t let them get anywhere near my yard either!

    Keep up the good work, my friend!

  5. Lookin’ good Henri! Glad you got to show your “Macho” side again and your Mom let you!!!

    Keep milking the system. Don’t our pawrents know that is how they should treat us no matter what? You don’t have to be sick or a tripawd to get the royal treatment right?

    Hope you get lots of extra treats and belly rubs! Tell your Mom she needs to give you extra because Rhys and I said so 🙂 !

    Stay strong Henri! You look so comfy in your pictures!

    Dillon and Rhys

  6. What a wonderful face you have, Henri! I do love a handsome Golden Retriever! I am glad you are doing better, and I totally agree with your plan to get the MOST and BEST care while you recover. If I do say so myself, it is a wise idea, keep it up!! Front leg high 5 to you, Henri, take care. Shelby

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