Henri comes HOME!!!!!!

I am so happy my sweet boy gets to come home.  His surgery was on Thursday, February 18th….he stayed in the hospital until Saturday and he did very well!  It was hard to see him for the first time without his leg….but I know he feels better without that nasty bone tumor!  So now our long journey begins…recovery is just starting!  Henri arrived home about 3:00 pm and slept all day ….he had a good snooze festival while I watched his every move!!!  I think he is happy to be home!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Henri comes HOME!!!!!!”

  1. Welcome home, Henri!! We love your pictures – you are a handsome boy! We hope your recovery goes well and are sending lots of hugs to you. Get lots of rest, especially at the beginning, and you’ll be back to your old tricks before you know it!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  2. That’s so great that Henri’s home! He looks like he’s doing really well. What a sweet boy! Best of luck during his recovery time – he’ll do great!

  3. Yay!!! Glad he’s home where he belongs. Love the pictures. He is one sweet dog who has you nicely trained to cover him with warm blankets. GOOD JOB HENRI!! Hi-5’s from Tai.

  4. I’m positive he is happy to be home – well done!!

    It is a little bit of a shock when you first see your tripawd but it just takes a heartbeat to realize he’s the same Henri – just a little weary and sore.

    He’s a lovely looking dog (as I’m sure you know). I’m happy he’s happy and you’re happy.

    Warm wishes for a great recovery!

  5. Henri look great! Max also spent a couple extra days in the hospital. It’s always great to get them back home where they belong!

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